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snom IP Phones

Get your snom IP phones, repeaters, conference phones and microphones from The Telecom Spot and rest assured you're getting the best service, products and expertise!  Snom IP phones are adaptable to a broad variety of environments from individual home office to large company with multiple networked locations.  They greatly simplify business communication with a large number of phone functions backed by high security.  

Why buy snom?

     • Excellent interoperability and flexiblity with all SIP-based phone systems
     • Snom CTI for easy computer-telephony integration especially for CRM environment
     • Snom OCS allows simple intergration with MS Office for UC application
     • Phones support multiple SIP identities
     • Beautifully designed with user's ergonomics in mind
     • And many other features!

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  1. Snom Spare Handset for the 800 Series Gray
  2. snom m3 Complete Set
  3. snom m3 DECT Repeater
  4. snom m3 Enhancememt Set
  5. snom Grounded Power Supply
  6. snom Wireless Headset Adapter - Advanced
  7. snom HS-MM2 Headset
  8. snom HS-MM3 Headset
  9. snom USB BT Bluetooth Dongle
  10. snom HS BT Bluetooth Headset
  11. snom HAF Footstand for Vertical Alignment (snom 300)
  12. snom HAF Footstand for Vertical Alignment (snom 320, 360, 370)
  13. snom klarVOICE Wideband Handset
  14. snom Power Supply
  15. snom Power Supply for 700/800/HP series phones
  16. snom Expansion Module V2
  17. snom Vision 800 (Black)

    snom Vision 800 (Black)

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  18. snom Vision 800 (Gray)
  19. snom MeetingPoint Expandable Microphones

    snom MeetingPoint Expandable Microphones

    $225.00 Click for price
  20. snom MeetingPoint

    snom MeetingPoint

    $899.00 Click for price
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