Avaya IP500 Legacy Card Carrier - Refurbished

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Condition: Refurbished

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This card allows a variety of IP400 trunk and VCM cards to be used with the IP Office 500 control unit. The front of the card includes a number of panels that can be snapped off to match the ports available when an IP400 trunk card is fitted.
  • This card supports only the following IP400 cards:
    • PRI T1
    • Dual PRI T1
    • NA E1 PRI
    • PRI 30 E1 (1.4)
    • Dual PRI E1
    • PRI 30 E1R2 RJ45
    • Dual PRI E1R2 RJ45
    • ANLG 4 Uni
    • BRI-8 (UNI)
    • VCM 4
    • VCM 8
    • VCM 16
    • VCM 24
    • VCM 30
  • IP400 VCM cards fitted to IP500/IP500 V2 systems do not override IP500 license requirements for voice networking trunks.
  • IP400 PRI trunk cards fitted to IP500/IP500 V2 systems do not require trunk licenses.

    • Maximum of 2 Legacy Card Carriers in a IP Office 500 Control Unit (up to 2 IP400 cards are supported on the IP500)
    • Compatible with IP500 v1 and IP500v2

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