Avaya IP500 Universal PRI Trunk Card DUAL

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Avaya IP Office IP500 Dual PRI Card

This type of card can be added to an IP500 Digital Station card, IP500 Analog Phone card, or IP500 VCM card. It allows that card to then also support primary rate digital trunk connections. The PRI is configurable for T1, E1 or E1R2 MFC use depending on the territory.

Avaya IP500 Dual PRI Card Features

  • ONLY 16 channels are enabled by default
  • Further channels may be enabled by the purchase of additional licenses in 2-channel or 8-channel increments
  • Each card is configurable to connect to T1, E1 or E1R2 lines
  • The card is available in either a single or dual PRI variant. The single variant can support up to 24 T1 channels or up to 30 E1 channels. The dual variant can support up to 48 T1 channels or 60 E1 channels
  • The IP500 PRI daughter card works on any IP500 VCM or extension base card (not the Legacy Card Carrier)
  • Up to four Universal PRI cards can be installed in any combination in the IP500 chassis
  • Diagnostics capabilities:
    • Visual indicators to show service state
    • Physical test points to monitor traffic


  • Compatible with IP Office R4.1 or higher
  • Requires Avaya IP500 Digital Station 8, IP500 Combination ATM, IP500 VCM 32/64, IP500 Analog Phone 2/8 to be seated

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