Looking for FreePBX in the Cloud and Fully Hosted? – Introducing the new PBXact Cloud - The Telecom Spot

Sangoma, the proprietor of Asterisk/FreePBX, has introduced their new and updated PBXact Cloud platform. PBXact has always been the turnkey version of FreePBX in the premise world — now it is offered in the Cloud!

Designed to be customizable to your needs, you no longer have to stick with a costly hosted solution where every user has their own call path. Nor do you have to select a hosted FreePBX platform that does not come with trunks at all. You have the option of selecting how many trunks you will need in a turnkey solution:

  • Trunk + User: Each includes one SIPStation trunk and one user extension on the PBX. Each SIPStation trunk allows a simultaneous call in and out to the PSTN. Minimum 4 per system. Starting at $19.95/user
  • User Only: Each includes a single user extension on the PBX. There are in additional to the users included in the users specified above. Starting at $8.95/user
  • Add-Ons: FaxStation, PBXact Cloud 3rd Party Phone Support, PBXact Cloud Call Accounting, PBXact Cloud Call Center, PBXact Cloud Remote Install

Provision Sangoma S-Series, Sangoma P-Series, and Sangoma/Digium D-Series phones easily and without any additional costs!

Programming and installation is designed very similarly to the FreePBX/PBXact experience. Sangoma knows you might need some help so PBXact Cloud comes with built in support credits:

  • Onboarding Allocation: Each account includes 120 minutes of credit. Credit expires in 30 days.
  • After Onboarding Allocation: Accounts with 20 users or less get 30 mins of support credit per month on a use it or lose it basis. Accounts with 21 users or more get 60 mins of support credit per month on a use it or lose it basis.
  • Complete White Glove Installation option: If you have a elaborate programming setup, have a need outside the initial 120 minutes of credit, or just do not want to worry about anything at all, have Sangoma program the entire system for $900.

Current Promotions:

  • Get a free Sangoma S505 rental with any Trunk + User plan with 3-year contract
  • Upgrade from any premise-based FreePBX or PBXact for $15.99/Trunk + User.

If you are a Reseller and would offer this solution to your customers, join our certified Sangoma Partner Agent program today!

Feel free to contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable agents at 866-369-3394 or at PBXact Cloud Information today!