Businesses are increasingly compelled to look at ways to reduce telecommunications expense due to the growing trend of workplace mobility and budgetary constraints. To reduce equipment implementation, maintenance costs, and expenditure on IT staff/training, businesses are rapidly switching to cloud-based platforms.

A cloud or hosted PBX shifts your phone and communications infrastructure over to a trusted VoIP provider. 

What is the Difference Between a Cloud PBX and a SIP Trunk?

Cloud-based PBX: The cloud PBX is where all phones connect to an outside VoIP data center.  A cloud PBX provides all the essential features a modern employee needs: voicemail to email delivery, auto attendants, and video conferencing. From a management perspective, this is the easiest PBX platform to manage.

SIP trunking provider: If you have an IP PBX already, you can benefit from SIP trunking because of its lower costs and rapid scalability. You’ll keep your existing PBX, but the backhaul is completed through a VoIP-based trunk for all the outside lines you need.  A SIP trunk is a good option if you have a smaller ratio of "lines" vs extensions, or if you want to leverage your existing IP PBX.  

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