Bitcoin Terms & Conditions

All Bitcoin Transactions are Final:  As a core feature of the Bitcoin currency, all Bitcoin transactions are final. Once you have sent Bitcoin funds to our account they cannot be reversed.

U.S. Dollars: All Bitcoin transactions will be communicated via US Dollars (USD) currency. The exchange rate provided at time of purchase by our Bitcoin processor will be valid for up to 10 minutes. A new exchange rate may be provided to you if payment is not completed during that time frame. Bitcoins are only accepted on the domestic (US) version of

International Orders: International customers outside the US should check the laws of their country regarding the use of Bitcoins as currency. The customer assumes all responsibility on usage of Bitcoins as currency in countries that do not allow the use of Bitcoins as currency.

Order Changes: Charges for adding additional products and/or services after an order is placed will not be allowed on the Bitcoin payment type. These charges include, but are not limited to: expedited shipping, purchase of product warranty, add-on accessories, etc.  If you need to be charged for any additional service or product, you will be asked to provide an alternate form of payment besides Bitcoin.

Order Cancellations: Cancelled orders are eligible only for a refund of In-Store Credit to your The Telecom Spot account. The refund will be issued for the full USD value of the original order placed.

Returns: Returns on orders paid by Bitcoin may be accepted for a refund as In-Store Credit to your The Telecom account. Damaged or defective merchandise may also be returned for a replacement of the exact item consistent with our terms and condition. Replacement orders will ship once the return of the original item is received and processed at the The Telecom Spot.  Please see our return policy for more details regarding our terms on returns and RMA.

Payment Anomalies: In the event that any of following situations occur with any Bitcoin transactions, your order will not be created.  Our Customer Care team will make an attempt to reach you to return any funds received by The Telecom Spot (following the order cancellation terms as listed above):

  • If an under payment or an over payment is received by us.
  • If the legitimacy of the Bitcoin transaction cannot be verified by either The Telecom Spot nor our Bitcoin processor.


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