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3CX Hosting Option

3CX’s hosted service is provided by DigitalOcean that has 15 data centers worldwide and hosts over 78 million computing instances. Their SLA time is 99.99%. In countries where DigitalOcean is not present, we make use of Vultr that boasts over 20+ years of experience in complex hosting environments.  Please note that during system updates, i.e. upgrading to a newer version, your system may experience limited downtime (you will be informed before taking any action)

3CX hosting will manage your 3CX system for you on the cloud:

  • 3CX will deploy your instance to cloud providers DigitalOcean or Vultr and automatically configure firewall rules.
  • 3CX will manage the 3CX operating system, including security patches and version upgrades (i.e. from Debian 10 to Debian 11)
  • 3CX will take nightly backups
  • 3CX will keep your 3CX on the latest non-beta update and monitor your 3CX system 24/7

3CX hosting does not support:

  • General configuration of 3CX such as extensions and CRM integration
  • Provisioning and operation of SIP Trunks
  • Configuration and management of IP Phones


  • IP phones must be configured behind a 3CX SBC.  Consider using 3CX Apps instead for seamless remote working
  • You cannot use CFD (Call Flow Designer) apps
  • It is recommended to use a supported, registration-based SIP trunk provider
  • You will not get SSH access to the machine – all operating system management is done by 3CX
  • 3CX hosting does not support IP-Phones which are connected via STUN to a hosted instance. All IP-Phones must be connected using the 3CX SBC.
  • 3CX Hosting is currently only available in select countries

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