ALGO 8180 IP Loud Ringer, SIP Speaker, Voice Paging Device (G2)


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Algo 8180 (G2) IP Loud Ringer, SIP Speaker, & Voice Paging Device

The 8180 is a SIP compliant wall mount indoor speaker designed for voice paging, loud ringing, and emergency/safety/security notification and alerting. The speaker is PoE and does not require an additional amplifier. Common application environments include: classroom, factory (e.g., OSHA), warehouse, utility plant, machine shop, garage, lunch room, kitchen, etc.

Algo's G2 8180 SIP audio alerter is the next generation of the original popular 8180, and Algo is keeping the same part#. The speaker has upgraded hardware capable of running the latest security and encryptions standards, including TLS & SRTP, ensuring secure communication with hosted SIP providers.

Designed to include all the features of the original 8180, the G2 release also includes a number of new features including enhanced multicast options, a relay input for using a button, and dedicated "Emergency Alert" extensions similar to other Algo SIP endpoints such as the 8186 horn speaker, 8188/8189 ceiling speakers and 8301 Paging Adatper.

Please Note: As Algo's G2 release now runs on a new hardware platform, note that the firmware files are different compared to the original 8180. An original 8180 can therefore not use the G2 firmware. For assistance migrating provisioning files for this new device, please contact Algo support.

Algo 8180 G2 Features

  • Wideband G.722 codec support for HD Voice
  • Multicast receive or broadcast capability
  • Mix with any number and model of Algo speakers, strobes and/or paging adapters using multicast (e.g. 8128, 8180, 8186, 8188, 8189, 8301, 8373) for a complete voice paging system
  • Supports RTP, Polycom Group Page and SA-Announce multicast types
  • SIP compatibility with all leading UC vendors including: Avaya, Broadsoft, Cisco, Digium/Asterisk, Mitel, Metaswitch, NEC, Polycom and Yealink to name a few
  • Configurable through web interface
  • Auto-provisioning (i.e., TFTP, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS). Also supported: TLS & SRTP (secure SIP signalling and media), SIP over TCP (allows increased packet size over UDP), DNS SRV Record, and CDP/LLDP automatic VLAN assignment.
  • SNMP supervision
  • Internal memory of 1GB for uploaded WAV files or recorded messages
  • Multiple SIP registrations for Page (50), Emergency Alert (10) and Ring (10) extensions
  • Outputs for external speaker, slave amplifier (not isolated and balanced), or strobe/visual alerter
  • Pre-loaded with several ring tones including bell, chime, gong, buzzer, warble, and dogs (Note: custom WAV files can be uploaded to the device)
  • Dimensions: 7" x 4" x 2.6" (17.8cm x 10.2cm x 6.5cm)
  • Please see Algo 8180 (G2) user guide for more information

Algo 8180 Applications

  • IP loud ringer, indoors, for high noise environments or where employees are wearing hearing protection (e.g., machine shop, garage, manufacturing plant, utility, farm, etc.)
  • IP voice paging in a classroom, office, retail store, etc.
  • Multicast wide area emergency, safety and security notification alerts (e.g., lockdown, evacuation, reverse evacuation, medical emergency, safety alert, etc.)
  • OSHA compliance
  • Scheduled or automated announcements. Using the Algo 8301 to multicast, announcements/tones can be played over any model of Algo IP speaker. For example, school (i.e., class changes, recess, playing an anthem, etc.), retail and healthcare announcements (i.e., store closing, visiting hours, etc.), and workplace shift changes, breaks, etc.
  • Combine with all variety of Algo visual and audible IP endpoints to create more comprehensive notification alerting solutions (e.g. 8128, 8180, 8186, 8188, 8189, 8301, 8373)

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