Algo 8190S IP Speaker


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Algo 8190S IP Speaker

The Algo 8190S is a PoE wideband speaker with digital clock that is a compliant 3rd party SIP endpoint. The product is designed for public address (PA) voice paging and emergency alerting, and is compatible with most hosted / cloud and premise-based VoIP telephone systems.

  • Speaker Array & Wideband
  • Embedded Microphone
  • SIP and Multicast Capable
  • Digital Clock
  • Call Button
  • LED Visual Alerting/Strobe

The Algo 8190S is most suited for education, however, the speaker can be deployed in any application environment requiring clear audio with high visibility clock (e.g. manufacturing / plant / utility, government, healthcare, transport terminals, etc.).

The Algo 8190S model offers discrete LEDs including amber, blue, green and red (+ white using RGB) for visual alerting of safety, security and emergency events.

Algo 8190S IP Speaker Features

  • Superb audio clarity and intelligibility; four-speaker line array with asymmetric sound dispersion for improved sound distribution
  • Integrated speaker, clock and call button for suitability in a classroom setting, or additionally with an LED visual alert to meet enhanced emergency notification requirements
  • Network managed and supervised SIP and multicast endpoint
  • PoE (IEEE 802.3af or the recommended PoE+ 802.3at) for plug and play network connectivity - no additional amplifier is required
  • Eliminates narrowband FXS port or ATA
  • Multifunctional speaker for voice paging, emergency notification and ring alerting. Easily integrates with the Algo 8301 for automating playing tones and announcements for scheduled events
  • Wideband G.722 codec support for HD Voice
  • Multicast receive capability for cost effective scalability - mix with any number and variety of Algo speakers, strobes and paging adapters for more comprehensive PA and alerting solution requirements
  • Supports RTP multicast, in addition to Polycom Group Page, Singlewire InformaCast (part no. 8190-IC) and Syn-Apps Revolution
  • SIP compatibility with all leading UC vendors including: Avaya, Broadsoft, Cisco, Digium/Asterisk, Mitel, Metaswitch, NEC, Polycom and Yealink to name a few
  • Configurable through web interface
  • Auto-provisioning (i.e., TFTP, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS). Also supported: TLS & SRTP (secure SIP signalling and media), SIP over TCP (allows increased packet size over UDP), DNS SRV Record, and CDP/LLDP automatic VLAN assignment.
  • SNMP supervision or via the Algo 8300 Controller
  • Internal memory of 1GB for uploading custom WAV files or recorded messages
  • Multiple SIP registrations for Ring (10), Emergency Alert (10) and Page/Intercom (1) extensions
  • Programmable relay (dry contact) output
  • Programmable relay (dry contact) input for use with 1202 and 1203 illuminated and supervised wall buttons
  • High contrast clock which automatically synchronizes with network time and backlit call button
  • Four discrete LEDs including amber, blue, green and red (+ white using RGB) with configurable flash patterns and intensities
  • UL/CSA, FCC and CE certified
  • Dimensions: 8.25" (21cm) D x 16" (40.6cm) H x 3.0" (7.6cm) D
  • Algo 8190S Datasheet, User Guide, Provisioning Guide

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