DLI Single Channel Personal Audio Recorder / Logging System


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Log incoming and outgoing calls to your PC or Network. Turn any Windows-based PC with a sound card into a complete telephone audio logging system!

  • Single Channel
  • Universal Interface
  • Digital Quality Recording
  • Easy and Simple Operation
  • Reliable Hard Drive Storage
  • Windows PC Compatible


Universal Interface
Allows connection to outside or inside phone lines, voicemail systems, telephone handsets, radio systems, and remote microphone.

Digital Performance
Multiple copies of recordings can be made with crystal clear quality. Calls can be instantly emailed and copied from within the application.

Simple Operation
Fully automatic recording. Calls and recording status are displayed at a glance. An adjustable VOX (voice activation) system automatically starts and stops recording. Type and store notes regarding the conversation while recording in the notes window - even play back the current call while you're still recording! Calls can be copied, emailed, encrypted, and backed up on any other computer.

Reliable Hard Disk Storage
Personal Logger allows you to select a local hard drive or a network file server as the target directory for recordings. Save files in a shared directory or for easy access and backup of important recordings.

Optional Call Analysis Software
Optional Windows software indexes and sorts calls for easy retrieval by phone number, customer name, notes, customer address, etc. Calls can be scanned for caller ID, and you can actually look up the address and contact information for each call!

Fully Compatible with Your System
Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, or XP with a 133MHz or faster processor with an available microphone jack. Virtually any audio source is compatible. A direct outside analog phone line is required to decode DTMF and Caller-ID information. A handset connection may be used to record calls on a digital telephone system. A radio system or microphone may also be connected. A level adjustment is provided for high-level audio sources such as a radio system.


  • Personal Logger Audio Module
    Converts telephone audio into a format compatible with your PC sound card.
  • RJ-11 Line Cord
    Used in to record from inside or outside telephone lines.
  • RJ-11 "Y" Connectors
    Two sets of Y connectors make it easy to connect to handset or wall jacks.
  • Handset Cable
    Attaches to your desktop phone (analog or digital).

  • Software Installation CD
    Auto-installs everything on your Windows PC.
  • Full Installation and Owner's Manual
    With easy step-by-step installation and configuration tips.

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