Engenius Durafon-SIP SIP Cordless Telephone System


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Engenius DuraFon-SIP Cordless Phone System

Engenius DuraFon-SIP Cordless Phone System is the first durable, long-range SIP cordless phone and the bundle comes with one (1) base station and one (1) handset.

DuraFon-SIP is a powerful, reliable, versatile multi-mode communications system that delivers industry-leading range and durability while providing significantly lower CAPEX and OPEX when compared to other SIP cordless phone solutions. This durable, long-range SIP cordless phone provides up to 250,000 square feet of facility coverage, penetrates up to 12-floors for in-building coverage and up to 3,000 acres of property in open land coverage.

It supports both SIP and one PSTN line analog and is ideal for companies with an existing IP-PBX system on the premises or those using hosted VoIP services that require reliable, long-range communications over large areas or in harsh environments. Such as, organizations whose staff work on large properties outside of a conventional office, or venues where employees need to stay in constant contact with a main office or management team and where Wi-Fi or DECT phones can’t reach.

Engenius DuraFon SIP System Highlighted Features:

  • Long Range SIP Cordless Phone System
    • Up to 12 Floors In-Building Penetration
    • Up to 250,000 sq. ft. of Facility Coverage
    • Up to 3,000 Acres of Property, Open Land Coverage
  • Multi-Mode Communications
    • Base Supports up to Four (4) Concurrent Calls (4-SIP or 3-SIP + 1-PSTN)
    • Works with any IP-PBX that Supports Standard SIP Protocols
    • Independent 2-Way Intercom
    • “Push-to-Talk” PTT Broadcast Feature
  • Proven Durability with Ruggedized Design
  • Secure 900 MHz (902 ~ 928MHz) FHSS
  • Supports up to 10 SIP Accounts per Base Station
  • Web-Based Phone Book & System Configuration
  • Note: DuraFon-SIP is not a multi-base system. Even though more than one base can be used, keep in mind, 2-Way Intercom and “Push-to-Talk” features would not work across Handsets registered to different bases. Bases will also need to be over 30 feet apart to avoid self-interference.
  • See datasheet for full detail and specs and Engenius DuraFon-SIP system FAQ

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