Mediatrix 3731 Hybrid Gateway 1 E1/T1 with 7 FXS

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The Mediatrix 3000 series gateways meet the requirements of enterprises that want to connect their Analog or ISDN equipment, such as PBXs, through a FXS, BRI, or PRI interface to an IP network or as a gateway to the PSTN, making use of existing broadband access equipment to connect to any standards-based VoIP network.

* Enterprises with branch offices and remote offices, including SOHOs.
* Enterprises seeking access to the benefits of Voice over IP without discarding existing legacy equipment.
* Enterprises looking to implement secure RTP (SRTP) and Secure SIP.
* Enterprises wishing to implement Voice over IP through a gradual, transparent, and cost-effective migration.
* Multi-tenant / multi-dwelling units and premises wishing to implement Voice over IP while maintaining existing wiring and handsets.

The Mediatrix 3000 series platforms are available with different packages including the Basic Digital Gateway or the Secure Controller add-on.

Mediatrix 3731

* 1xT1/E1 PRI card software configurable as NT or TE
* 7 FXS ports + 1 Bypass port card
* Up to 37 simultaneous calls

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