Nortel Norstar Modular ICS (MICS) 4.1 Software

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  • Enhanced ATA2 is the ONLY ATA compatible with MICS 6.1 and
    later software.
  • All NRU's, Fast RAD, VMI and CTA's are compatible with MICS 6.1
    and later software.
  • SMDR6 is compatible with MICS 6.1 and later software.
  • The MCDN networking key code is compatible with 6.1 and later
    software which will enable you to network and share a voicemail and
    2 MICS systems. One key code required on each end.
  • Digital/analog telephone support on station modules installed
    in ports 13 and 14 on a mega system (MICS-XC software). In previous
    releases, these ports only supported Companion functionality
  • SWCA Enhancements - Added in the system configuration: Under
    Capabilities SWCA call group allows you to assign SWCA codes to
    telephones that do not have call appearance indicators, such as the
    Digital Mobility phone or the 7000 and 7100 digital phones.
  • Digital Mobility System - Version 7 now compatible with the
    Nortel Networks Digital Mobility system.
  • All norstar phones are compatible with MICS 7 software.
  • NAMs are NOT COMPATIBLE with 7 Software.

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