Patton SmartNode 4834 VoIP IAD - V.35 WAN, 4 FXS Ports

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SmartNode 4 FXS VoIP IAD, Integrated V.35 WAN, H.323 and SIP, External UI Power.

The SmartNode 4830 SerialSeries Analog VoIP IADs let you add packet voice while providing access routing with native V.35/X.21 synchronous serial connection. Add up to 8 phone lines and combine Internet and VPN access on a single PPP or Frame-Relay based access line for the new standard in toll-bypass, remote/branch office connectivity, and enhanced carrier services.

The SN4830 SerialSeries offers models with combinations of 2 to 8 analog FXS phone ports and 2 or 4 FXO ports. The Dual 10/100baseT LAN ports can be used for LAN, IPSec VPN and DMZ connections. The integrated X.21/V.35 WAN port provides direct access to IP over PPP and Frame-Relay. Like every SmartNode the 4830 series supports the industry standard VoIP signaling protocols including SIP, H.323, T.38 Fax-Relay, plus Fax and Modem-Bypass and is interoperable with leading Softswitches and VoIP services.

Supporting voice from any local or remote connections with Quality of Service brings true access to all users. Now integrating into local DSL, Cable, or IP access services is clean and complete



Voice Connectivity 2, 4, 6, or 8 FXS ports
2 or 4 FXO ports
Data Connectivity
  • Dual 10/100 Full Duplex, Autosensing, Ethernet RJ-45
  • V.35 or X.21 (depending on model) on a female connector (cable sold separately)
  • Frame-Relay (8 PVCs) # RFC1490, FRF.12 fragmentation
  • LMI, Q.933D, ANSI 617D, Gang of Four
Voice Processing (signalling dependent) Voice codes
  • G.711 A-Law/-Law (64kbps)
  • G.726 (ADPCM 40, 32, 24, 16 kpbs)
  • G.723.1 (5.3 or 6.3 kbps)
  • G.729ab (8kbps)
Up to 8 parallel voice connections
G.168 echo cancellation
Carrier tone detection and generation
Silence suppression and comfort noise
Configurable dejitter buffer
Configurable tones (dial, ringing, busy)
Fax and Modem Support G.711 Fax- and Modem-Bypass
T.38 Fax relay (9.6 k, 14.4 k)
Voice Signalling H.323v4
Call Routing Virtual Interfaces
Routing Criteria: Called party number (Destination) Calling party number (Source) Time of day, day of week, date
Longest prefix match, wildcard match, regular expression match
Number Manipulation Functions: Replace numbers Add/remove digits Regular Expressions
Fallback Routing: Soft Fallback to alternative interface or Call Router table
IP Services IPv4 router
Static Routes, ICMP redirect (RFC 792), RIPv1, v2 (RFC 1058 and 2453)
Static and dynamic NAT and NAPT
DHCP server and Client
Access Control Lists
IPSEC AH & ESP Modes, preshared Keys
AES/DES/3DES Encryption
Quality of Services Traffic classification by ACL
TOS and DiffServ labeling Configurable TOS/Precedence bits or DiffServ codepoints
IEEE 802.1p/Q
Traffic scheduling: Priority, Weighted fair queuing (WFQ), Hierarchical traffic classes
Policing of traffic classes
DownStreamQoS Dynamic restriction of inbound (downstream) TCP traffic to free bandwidth for voice packets.
Improves voice quality in the receiving direction
Management Web GUI
Industry standard CLI with local console (CRJ-45, RS-232) and remote Telnet access
TFTP configuration & firmware loading
SNMP v1 agent (MIB II and private MIB)
Built-in diagnostic tools (trace, debug)
System CPU Motorola MPC875 @ 66 MHz
Memory 32MB SDRAM/8MB Flash
Power: External universal 100 - 240 VAC (50/60 Hz)
Power dissipation: 4 - 12W model dependent

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