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Peplink Balance Two - Gigabit Class Branch Router for Demanding Enterprise workloads (BPL-TWO)

With its small form factor and fanless design, the Balance Two delivers true full Gigabit routing performance. Supporting 150 Mbps PepVPN throughput, the Balance Two is the ideal router for small businesses. Balance Two provides everything needed to ensure uninterrupted access to critical business applications hosted in the headquarters and on the cloud. It supports 1Gbps of throughput, enabling you to handle a gigabit connection. It has two GE WAN ports, providing backup and increasing your network’s available bandwidth. Within a PepVPN tunnel, use traffic steering to get the most out of your WANs: assign session-sensitive traffic such as VoIP to your most reliable WAN, while assigning higher-volume traffic to your most affordable WAN.

Please see the Peplink Balance Two Datasheet for more information.

Peplink Balance Two Features

  • Dual-WAN Router (2 WAN) for Office/Branch
  • WAN Ports: 2x GE
  • LAN Ports: 4x GE
  • SpeedFusion bonding available separately as a paid upgrade

Peplink Balance Two Package Contents

  • Balance Two
  • 1x of 12V3.4A PSU (ACW-656)
  • Power Cord (ACW-614)

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