Snom D3 Expansion Module

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Snom D3 Expansion Module (4327)

Snom D3 Expansion Modules increase the available function keys on Snom D300 series phones with USB port sousers can manage a larger number of calls and extensions. Snom D3 adds an additional 18 multicolored and self-labeling LED keys which can be programmed with all functions available on Snom phones like line, speed dial, busy lamp field, presence indication, and more. The call or presence status of your contacts is presented by the D3’s multicolored LED keys at any given time. The high-resolution display provides a perfect visual interface which can be easily configured and labeled via the phone’s web interface or directly on the phone itself.

Simply connect the USB cable and it’s ready to use, and the power is supplied by the host phone (when 2 or 3 module are used with 1 phone, a separate power supply needs to be connected to second module) . Three D3 expansion modules can be daisy-chained to add up to 54 function keys to your phone. The USB port on the last D3 in the chain can be used to connect other peripheral USB devices like USB headsets or WiFi sticks to the host phone. The D3 is the perfect addition to any D3-series desk phone with a USB port.

*Power supply not included

Snom D3 Expansion Module Highlights

  • 18 highly configurable, self-labelling, multicolored LED keys
  • High-resolution black and white display with backlight
  • Daisy-chain up to 3 modules (54 function keys)
  • Plug and play
  • Power supplied from phone via USB port for 1x module. (when 2 or 3 module are used with 1 phone, a separate power supply needs to be connected to second module).
  • See snom D3 datasheet for full spec
  • Compatible with snom D315, D345 and D375 phones

Snom D3 comes with:

  • D3, USB cable, quick-start guide

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