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Snom M58 DECT Desk Phone (00004526)

The M58 DECT Desk Phone is a telephone device that operates in conjunction with the M500 Pro DECT Multicell Base Station, allowing for more versatility in terms of where the phone can be placed within the workplace as it wirelessly connects via DECT.  Its user-friendly interface includes a large 5-inch color LCD display, 24 programmable keys and built-in Bluetooth connectivity for improving audio quality and reducing background noise during calls. Additionally, it comes with functional keys for activities such as messaging, directory, redial, call history and settings. Furthermore, the phone has a feature to broadcast message to all networked devices through one button and also keep track of call status for all lines on the network, which helps in maintaining effective communication within the team by reducing missed calls.

The Snom M500 DECT Wireless Family is a set of wireless phones and a base station that use DECT technology to provide reliable and secure communication. The family includes the M500 Pro Multicell Base Station, M58 Desk Phone and M55 Handset. The phones and base station have a minimalistic sleek design and feature audio-enhancing technologies for clear sound quality. They are easy to set up and can expand with your business. The wireless desk phones and handsets do not require ethernet connectivity, offering flexibility and mobility in the workplace. Each M500 Pro can pair with 8 handsets or desk phones for 8 concurrent calls and multiple base stations can be paired to increase phone pairing, call capacity, and range. The base station offers good range inside and around the facility with no dead zones or dropped calls. The handsets and desk phones provide built-in Bluetooth connectivity and have features like easy call handling, public broadcasting, and background noise reduction.

Please see the Snom M58 Desk Phone Datasheet for more information.

Snom M58 Features

  • Display: 5" (480 x 272) color LCD
  • 8 self-labeling programmable keys with multi-color LEDs
  • Dedicated next page button to allow up to 24 function keys
  • 5-way navigation
  • Ok and Cancel keys
  • Dedicated keys for Message, Directory, Redial, Call History, settings, Intercom and
  • Hold
  • Audio keys with LED indication for Mute, Speakerphone, Headset and Volume
  • Red LED for Call Indication / Message Waiting
  • RJ9 for wired headset
  • Bluetooth for headset connection
  • Range: Indoors up to 50 meters, Outdoors up to 300 meters
  • Programmable Keys: Line key, KeyLine1, Speed dial, Busy phone monitoring, Paging zones, Directory, Additional functions in current and future software
  • All shared calls are visible and can be managed on all devices (up to 16)
  • Phones are not limited to only 2 calls like traditional DECT devices
  • MWI - Voice message waiting indicator

Snom M58 Compatibility

  • Compatible with:
    Snom M500 SIP DECT Multicell Base Station: 00004525 (US)

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