Starting with the new 3CX of Version 20, 3CX will no longer offer perpetual licenses and will also stop selling maintenance packages for perpetual licenses effective July 26, 2023.  As you may recall, maintenance was previously tied to the perpetual license model. 

In preparation of this change, if you do have a 3CX perpetual key, it will be converted to an annual subscription license 2 months before its expiry date.  

It's crucial to understand that this conversion to an annual subscription license will be non-reversible.

If you want to stay on v18, in perpetual mode, until your maintenance expires this is possible. Upon expiry - cloud services will be turned off. To avail of this option you’ll need to contact 3CX customer support two months before the expiry of your license. However it’s important to note this will be a non reversible option. You’ll have to buy a new key and re-install and create a new FQDN and configuration if you change your mind.

We know this change maybe confusing, please feel free to contact us at The Telecom Spot with any questions.  We are here to help!