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In the modern business landscape, effective communication and collaboration are crucial for success. As organizations continue to expand and diversify, the demand for robust conference room solutions has grown exponentially. The Yealink MVC S90 stands out as a top-tier choice for extra-large conference rooms, training facilities, and classrooms. This advanced Microsoft Teams Rooms system combines cutting-edge hardware and intelligent features to deliver seamless audio and video conferencing experiences. Let's delve into why the Yealink MVC S90 should be your go-to solution for enhancing large-scale meetings.

The Yealink MVC S90 has been purposefully designed to cater to the unique demands of extra-large conference rooms. It offers a comprehensive set of components that work in harmony to create a dynamic and engaging meeting environment.

Components that Make a Difference

The Yealink MVC S90 bundle includes:

  • MCore Pro: A high-performance MINI-PC that ensures smooth processing and system operation.
  • MTouch Plus: A third-generation touch panel with a generous 11.6-inch display, allowing intuitive control and navigation.
  • 2x UVC86 Intelligent PTZ Camera: This 4K camera boasts features like Auto-Framing, Speaker Tracking, and Presenter Tracking, delivering crystal-clear video quality and dynamic coverage.
  • 2x WPP30 wireless presentation pods
  • AVHub: An audio and video processor that supports Yealink's multi-camera solution, allowing up to 9 cameras to be connected simultaneously.
  • RoomSensor: A smart sensor that enhances the overall meeting experience by providing real-time environmental data.

Enhanced Audio and Video Experience

The Yealink MVC S90 sets the stage for a high-quality audio and video experience. With support for up to 9 Yealink cameras, the system offers flexible layout options. Users can control individual cameras via the MTouch Plus control panel or create customized video layouts for an immersive meeting experience. Furthermore, Yealink's advanced sound processing algorithms effectively eliminate reverberations and background noise, ensuring crystal-clear audio at all times.

Intelligent Tracking and Flexible Connectivity

The UVC86 Intelligent PTZ Camera is a standout feature of the Yealink MVC S90. It supports various tracking modes such as Auto-Framing, Speaker Tracking, and Presenter Tracking. This ensures that the focus remains on the speaker or presenter, creating an engaging and dynamic visual experience for participants. The camera also supports gesture control and offers quick preset position adjustments. With its 12x optical zoom lens and 4K video output, the UVC86 camera captures every detail with precision.

Seamless BYOD Integration

The MVC S90 supports Yealink's wireless screen sharing solution (WPP30) and third-party screen sharing solutions. This enables seamless content sharing and ensures that participants can collaborate effectively. With support for high-resolution content sharing, the system transforms traditional presentations into engaging discussions.

Simple Deployment and Management

Yealink understands the importance of streamlined deployment and management. The MVC S90 system is designed for easy installation, with a cable management feature that ensures clean and organized setups. The system also supports Yealink's Device Management Platform/Cloud Service, enabling remote management, configuration, and troubleshooting.


The Yealink MVC S90 presents a comprehensive solution for organizations seeking to enhance their extra-large Microsoft Teams meetings. With its cutting-edge components, intelligent tracking features, and seamless integration capabilities, the MVC S90 creates a dynamic and engaging environment for collaboration. Whether it's a training session, board meeting, or large-scale conference, this system empowers users to communicate effectively and share ideas effortlessly. As the business world continues to evolve, having a reliable and versatile conference room solution like the Yealink MVC S90 becomes an essential asset for driving success.

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