What is the difference between Fanvil X/XU Series V1 and V2 phones? - The Telecom Spot

If you are familiar with the Fanvil X/XU series, you may have heard that it's getting a V2 update. The new version of the phone has some notable improvements that are worth mentioning.

One of the key differences between the V1 and V2 models is the number of participants that can participate in a conference call. The V1 model allows for a 3-way conference call, while the V2 model can handle up to 6 participants. This improvement makes the V2 model ideal for businesses that need to collaborate with more team members at the same time.

Another significant difference between the two models is the version of Bluetooth. The V1 model comes with Bluetooth 2.1, while the V2 model boasts Bluetooth 4.2. This is a notable improvement, as the new version of Bluetooth offers faster data transfer rates and better connectivity.

For video capable X phones, the V2 model supports H.264 & 1080P vs just the H.264 on the V1.  

Finally, the V2 model has a unique feature that's worth mentioning: it can support the SBC Router phone feature when used with 3CX. The SBC Router phone feature is a useful for 3CX remote sites and can connect up to 10 handsets that can proxy or ‘sit behind’ the router phone.

The models that will be affected are: Fanvil X4U, X5U, X5U-R, X6U, X210, X210i, X7, X7C

In summary, the Fanvil X/XU series V2 update offers some notable improvements over the V1 model. The phone can now handle up to six participants in a conference call, comes with Bluetooth 4.2, and supports the Router phone feature when used with 3CX. These improvements make the V2 model a great option for businesses that need reliable and efficient communication tools.