What is the Difference between Sangoma PBXact and FreePBX Phone Systems?

What are the differences between Sangoma’s PBXact and FreePBX systems has been a common question ever since the introduction of Sangoma’s turnkey PBX Appliance lines.

The quick and short answer is that PBXact is Sangoma’s commercially supported version of the popular open source FreePBX distribution. PBXact is designed to be a turnkey solution: pre-bundled with popular modules, vigorously tested, and offered with cost effective maintenance plans.

Sangoma PBXact Appliances and Software


  • PBXact Software and Appliances comes pre-bundled with the following modules: Call Recording Reports, Class of Service, Conference Pro, Extension Routing, Fax Pro, Park Pro, Page Pro, SysAdmin Pro, Voicemail Notify, Voicemail Reports, XMPP Pro, EndPoint Manager/Phone Apps for Sangoma Phones, Zulu UC, CRM Link Module
  • Optional Add-on Modules: EndPoint Manager for 3rd Party Phones, High Availability, Sangoma Property Manager, XactView Operator Panel, XactView Operator Panel Queue, Call Center Package
  • The annual support/maintenance options Bronze, Gold, Platinum are cost effective and give you the ability to update your system. The Gold and Platinum plans give you an allowance of tech support time through Sangoma as well.


  • PBXact is not updated as frequently as FreePBX to maintain stability. If you do not maintain the support plan annually, you will have to play catch up support if you renew at a later date.
  • Optional Add-on Modules cost more initially than the FreePBX Commercial Module equivalent

Sangoma FreePBX Appliances and Software


  • FreePBX Software and Appliances come at a cheaper price point and give you the freedom to pick and choose which commercial modules you would like to install. If you are installing only the FreePBX software on your own equipment, the software itself does not have a cost.
  • The FreePBX base software is open source, updated frequently, and free of charge.


  • Does not come with commercial modules. Additionally, commercial modules must be renewed (at a reduced price) annually to continue receiving the software updates. Support options are offered at a higher price.

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