Viking Electronics IP Paging Speaker Adapter w/Talk-Back

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Viking Electronics IP Paging Speaker Adapter w/Talk-Back (PSA-TB-IP)

The Viking model PSA-TB-IP Paging Speaker Adapter with Talk-Back enables you to quickly convert any 8 ohm, 25V or 70V analog paging speaker into a SIP endpoint paging speaker. The microphone enables Talk-Back and also monitors room noise to automatically increase the speaker volume when necessary. After the quick conversion the speaker can then be used for standard one-way SIP endpoint paging, two-way conversations via SIP endpoint paging, one-way multicast paging and making standard or emergency two-way SIP calls initiated from its switch input.

The PSA-TB-IP’s compact chassis is easily attached magnetically to the back of the speaker magnet or fastened to the 25/70V transformer mounting holes on the speaker frame. Use the provided connectors to simply attach to the existing speaker wires then connect with a single CAT5/6 cable from your PoE switch.

An optional auxiliary switch input allows a hard wired wall button, concealed under desk switch, etc. to initiate a SIP call. A momentary button press will initiate a standard call, while holding the button for 3 or more seconds will initiate an emergency call.

The PSA-TB-IP has a high efficiency 6 watt class D amplifier capable of driving up to six 8 Ohm analog paging speakers. This allows you to use a single PSA-TB-IP to cover up to a six speaker paging zone with approximately one watt of paging power per speaker.

Viking PSA-TB-IP Adapter Features

  • SIP compliant (see page two for compatible SIP servers and IP phone systems)
  • PoE powered (class 3, <13 Watts)
  • Paging prioritization
  • Plays audio from standard multicast sources
  • SIP endpoint or multicast group member
  • Red call status LED indicator
  • Automatic Noise Canceling (ANC) feature for operation in noisy environments
  • Viking’s proprietary VOX switching eliminates the need for “Push to Talk” mode
  • Selectable auto-answer feature for monitoring
  • Compatible with Polycom multicast paging
  • Built-in high efficiency 6 Watt class D amplifier
  • Can drive up to six 8 ohm analog speakers for greater coverage
  • SIP/Multicast: SIP page, SIP page and zoned multicast receive
  • Support for access code to prevent unwanted SIP calls
  • Hangs up on: busy signal, time-out, or touch tone command
  • Network remote speaker volume control
  • Mounting: Magnetically attach to speaker magnet or fasten to the 25/70V transformer
    mounting holes on speaker frame
  • Chassis protects circuitry against plenum dust
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC) to automatically increase ring volume to compensate for
    ambient noise
  • Diagnostics for testing microphone and speaker
  • Programmable pre-page alert tone

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