Viking Electronics PA-15 15 Watt Paging Amplifier for FXO or FXS

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The PA-15 interfaces with virtually any telephone system to provide 15 watts of paging power - enough to drive fifteen 8-ohm paging horns or speakers.

The PA-15 provides 36V talk battery for interfacing with an FXO or unused analog line input/trunk port. With the flip of a switch, the unit can connect to a FXS or PABX/Centrex station ring trip port or connect to a 600 ohm paging port. When interfacing with systems that do not provide a paging contact closure, the builtin voice activation (VOX) is in control.

After paging, the PA-15 auto disconnects on CPC, busy signal, silence or default disconnect timer (helps prevent accidental paging system lock-up if phone is hung-up incorrectly). The unit will generate adjustable loud ringing from an independent ringing analog FXS / PABX / Centrex station or from a dry contact closure. The PA-15 can provide background music (muted during page) if connected to an external music source.


  • • Page from virtually any POTS, Centrex, PABX, digital or IP phone system
  • • Amplified loud paging
  • • Loud ringing
  • • Night bell
  • • Background music in all paging modes
  • • Loud ringing and door chime over paging


  • • 15 Watts of paging power
  • • Drive up to (15) 8-ohm speakers
  • • 600 Ohm output to drive additional amplifiers
  • • Select: FXO (loop start), FXS (ring trip) or paging port (VOX relay) interface mode
  • • Independent volume controls for Paging, Ringing Tones and Background Music
  • • 36V DC talk battery for interfacing with FXO or unused phone system line input/trunk port
  • • Compatible with 24V to 48V FXS (ring trip) analog station operation
  • • 800 Hz pre-announce page tone (on/off)
  • • Provides Night Bell warble tone via contact closure or independent ringing analog circuit
  • • Choose one of four ringing sounds:
  • - Electronic warble (traditional loud ringer)
  • - Double gong (two identical gong tones)
  • - Quadruple chime (four descending chime tones)
  • - Door chime (ding-dong)
  • • Night transfer switch input
  • • CPC detection for immediate disconnect
  • • Busy signal detect disconnect
  • • Adjustable silence time out disconnect
  • • Programmable VOX trigger sensitivity and time out
  • • 16 to 72 second (or off) default disconnect timer


  • Power: 120V AC/13.8V AC 1.25 A, UL listed adapter provided
  • Amplifier: 15 watts - to power up to (15) 8-ohm speakers (cascadable to drive additional speakers)
  • Dimensions: 133 mm x 89 mm x 44 mm (5.25" x 3.5" x 1.75")
  • Shipping Weight: 1.36 kg (3 lbs)
  • Environmental: 0C to 32C (32F to 90F) with 5% to 95% non-condensing humidity
  • Speakers: Use 25AE, 30AE and 35AE speakers to complete the system
  • Sound Pressure Level: 115dB, 1KHz @ 1m with (1) 25AE Paging Horn (not included), each additional horn will drop the output level of all horns by 1dB (see Page Power Chart, DOD# 895)
  • Talk Battery Output: 36V DC (loop current 36mA nominal)
  • Maximum Speaker Cable Length: 91 m (300 ft) 18 AWG
  • Connections: 14 cage clamp screw terminals

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